Busy times 

We’ve been quite busy over the past couple weeks.  We’re in week 2 of a stretch of three consecutive weeks with appointments four out of the five weekdays. While I haven’t posted with the regularity I had hoped, I have some drafts in the works, and ideas for a few other posts. This weekend, I should be able to find the time to write, if not, Tuesday is our one down day next week, and I’ll finish them and set them to automatically post over a period of a few days.  Hopefully this won’t end up like my ill-fated past attempts at NaNoWriMo. 

All in all, as of right now, we’ve got twelve appointments in the month of June, with more likely to be scheduled as we go through next week. 

Now, I don’t resent this at all, in fact, I’m glad we’re getting everything in order. Cody’s powerchair, his gastroparesis, and determining just what has been going on with his loss of function over the past couple years. Provided that there are no major bombshells, July is shaping up to be a good month for us. 


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